Leadership Matters | An Animated Metaphor

by McCormick Center Team

May 21, 2013

When it comes to quality early childhood education, leadership matters. This 70-second video considers the role of the early childhood administrator and examines why leadership and management knowledge and skills are so vital in orchestrating high-quality programming.  The video also highlights the McCormick Center’s commitment to provide these leaders with resources and support. We hope you’ll take a minute to view and share.

2 Responses to “Leadership Matters | An Animated Metaphor”

  1. As an Executive Director for an Early Childhood Center for the past 7 years, I often still feel like I am trying to piece together the tools and knowledge I need to lead the best, highest quality early learning and childcare environment I can. The longer I am in my role, the more I see how critical the way I lead is to the little ones in my classrooms. Leadership training for early childhood matters and I am grateful Illinois has, and I hope will continue, to invest in early childhood leaders.

  2. missybrown says:

    Awesome!! Thanks for all you do.