L.E.A.D. Early Childhood Clearinghouse

The L.E.A.D. Early Childhood™ Clearinghouse is a comprehensive resource focused on early childhood program leadership—birth through age eight. Data gathered from hundreds of sources are accessible through this interactive website. Links to specific resources make this an especially useful tool. The clearinghouse includes

  • National and state level data about the status of the early childhood leadership workforce;
  • Higher education programs and academies designed to develop leaders; and
  • A comparison of states’ policies to ensure quality leadership.

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Data Elements and Policy Levers: What Are We Tracking?

The L.E.A.D. Early Childhood Clearinghouse provides access to national and state-specific information regarding the policies that influence early childhood leadership, the availability of quality supports for leaders, and statistics about the leadership workforce. This information is presented in a national summary and state profiles through an interactive website.

Five policy levers assess the degree to which states ensure quality program leadership through qualification standards related to their education, professional development, and experience, including:

  1. Administrator Qualifications in Child Care Licensing
  2. Administrator Credential
  3. Principal Licensure
  4. Administrator Qualifications in QRIS
  5. Administrator Qualifications in State Pre-K Programs

Each policy lever is scored using a rubric with multiple indicators, yielding an average score for each lever and an overall policy levers score. In addition to the policy levers, the clearinghouse displays statistics on 42 elements for the U.S., 50 states, and the District of Columbia. The statistics for each of these profiles include:

  • Administrators: The number and compensation of early childhood site-based directors, school principals, and family child care providers.
  • Higher Education Programs: The number of early childhood leadership degree programs and elementary principal degree programs by type and delivery method.
  • Leadership Academies: The number of extended (multiple sessions) professional learning experiences with a focus on whole leadership in early childhood programs.

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