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Develop expertise. The McCormick Center works with individuals, organizations, and state agencies to develop informed and experienced trainers, coaches, mentors, technical assistance specialists, and organizational consultants who are interested in supporting the whole leadership development of early childhood administrators.

The Director’s Toolbox Management Series, Training-for-Trainers

The Director’s Toolbox Management Series, Training-for-Trainers

We select several trainers from across the country* each year to participate in the Director’s Toolbox Training-for-Trainers initiative. Participants attend Taking Charge of Change™ (TCC) in the summer at our training facility. The trainers actively participate in TCC to learn the content of Director’s Toolbox Management Series, while also observing the strategies used to present the information and participating in debriefing sessions with the trainers. Playing this dual role helps ensure they learn strategies to plan and conduct dynamic workshops using the Director’s Toolbox Management Series of 14 books and trainer’s guides, including

  • From the Inside Out: The Power of Reflection and Self-Awareness,
  • Leadership in Action: How Effective Directors Get Things Done,
  • A Great Place to Work: Creating a Healthy Organizational Work Climate,
  • The Right Fit: Recruiting, Selecting, and Orienting Staff,
  • Making the Most of Meetings: A Practical Guide,
  • Circle of Influence: Implementing Shared Decision Making and Participative Management, and
  • Inspiring Peak Performance: Competence, Commitment, and Collaboration.

*Preference is given to those from states other than Illinois

Interested in learning more? Watch this recording of our informational webinar.

Presentations and Workshops

Presentations and Workshops

Focus your coaching and mentoring skills. These professional learning experiences will keep you on top of the latest research, abreast of best practices, and innovative in your delivery techniques. Sample topics include:

  • Supporting Directors as the Gatekeepers to Quality
  • Saying It in Writing: Helping Directors Improve and Organize Documentation
  • PAS Reliability Training
  • BAS Reliability Training
  • Promoting Excellence in Family Child Care
  • The Next Step: How to Help Administrators and Staff Interpret ECWES Results and Move Forward
  • Not All Directors Are the Same: Tailoring Coaching Based on Director Developmental Stage

Bring Us to You

Transformative TA

Transformative TA Institute: Strategies and Tools for Supporting Program Leaders


Consider the very best early childhood programs, you know. In each of those programs, you will find an administrator who actively engages families and teachers to build strong learning communities. How do leaders acquire the skills and dispositions to create these exceptional programs? What can you do to meet administrators where they are and support them in building programs where children, teachers, and families thrive?

Join us for our newest institute, “Transformative TA: Strategies and Tools for Supporting Program Leaders,” a three-day professional learning experience geared toward those who support early childhood administrators in improving the quality of their programs. Designed for those in technical assistance (TA) roles, “Transformative TA” will provide an introduction of whole leadership, include a brief overview of the Program Administration Scale (PAS), identify the developmental stages of administrators, address strategies for individualizing technical assistance, and provide a deep dive into the following PAS topics from a TA perspective:

  • Developing conflict resolution policies
  • Creating a shared vision
  • Building partnerships with families

Note: This Institute requires basic knowledge of the Program Administration Scale (PAS), including an overview of all 25 items, how to conduct an assessment, and the ability to score the tool. If you would like to attend the institute and do not currently have this knowledge, it is highly recommended that you complete the Getting Ready for the PAS online module for an additional fee of $100 to better understand and implement the information learned. You can register for the module here:


September 24 – 26, 2019

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McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership
6200 Capitol Drive, Wheeling IL, 60090


$350 | Early Bird rate through July 24, 2019
$375 | July 25 and after Credits


Lunch each day (breakfast if you stay at our recommended hotels)


Need more focused attention?

The McCormick Center offers a variety of consultation options:

  • We recalibrate reliability with state anchors of the Program Administration Scale (PAS) and Business Administration Scale for Family Child Care (BAS).
  • We assist in analyzing reports from the PAS, BAS, and Early Childhood Work Environment Survey (ECWES), providing insights for data-based decision-making.
  • We provide insights and suggestions to states that are embedding the PAS and BAS into their quality rating and improvement systems (QRIS).

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Connect with us at a conference near you. We often present at national conferences, including conferences hosted by NAEYC, NAFCC, and BUILD.


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