Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS)

We support states’ efforts to raise the bar of quality in early learning and development programs through quality rating and improvement systems (QRIS). We work with state leaders to clarify goals, identify needs, and offer expertise in the development of program standards. Our work at state and national levels sets the bar for best practices in center-based, home-based, and school-based early childhood education programs. The framework of Whole Leadership, inclusive of administrative leadership, pedagogical leadership, and leadership essentials, guides our work as we promote administrator qualifications as a stand-alone standard within QRIS standards.

Our Impact

The Center rigorously informs and improves statewide quality rating and improvement systems in Illinois and across the United States.

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The Business Administration Scale (BAS) is a beneficial tool for family child care providers who want to review their policies and business practices for improvement. The BAS allows a provider to systematically access the strengths and challenges of their program. The utilization of this scale provides quality feedback to guide a program's continuous improvement in their written policies or guidelines and business practices.
Barbara Bredall-Searle, Suzanne Glenn, and Michelle Malloneé Long, The Pennsylvania Key

Achieve quality improvement goals.

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