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We frequently partner with professional development projects or statewide
quality initiatives around the country. These trainings are designed as high-impact
experiences to best fit individuals’ professional development needs. Review the following menu of sessions or workshops and request a consultation. We’ll work with you to design a high-impact professional development experience to best fit your needs.

Tailored training is available on the following topics:

Change Management and Continuous Quality Improvement

  • Developing personal and professional self-awareness through reflective practice
  • Managing change that benefits children, staff, and families
  • Using the Program Administration Scale for quality improvements See full menu of tailored training on the PAS.
  • Using the Business Administration Scale for Family Child Care for quality improvement See full menu of tailored training on the BAS.
  • Connecting program planning and evaluation with norms of continuous quality improvement

Program Management

  • Managing an early care and education organization so that it remains stable and continues to grow
  • Using tools to enhance program productivity, children’s learning, or connections with family
  • Building supports for families and fostering their engagement
  • Building supports for staff and fostering their engagement
  • Applying marketing principles and public relations tools to enhance enrollment
  • Making the most of technology in early childhood programs

Leadership Development

  • Applying facilitative leadership to resolve technical and adaptive difficulties
  • Shaping the advocacy role of early childhood leaders

Instructional Leadership

  • Designing peer learning teams to support instructional excellence
  • Shaping an organizational climate to foster rich learning for staff

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The Director’s Toolbox Management Series

The McCormick Center works with individuals, organizations, and state agencies to develop informed and experienced trainers who can implement the Director’s Toolbox Management Series to support the leadership development of early childhood administrators.   Learn More


Aim4Excellence™ Online National Director Credential Facilitator Training

The McCormick Center provides training and curriculum guides to those interested in facilitating local cohorts of early childhood leaders working to complete the Aim4Excellence credential.
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