Talan, Bloom, Kelton study published in Early Childhood Research and Practice

What makes an early childhood education program effective? What shifts an early childhood education organization into a dynamic learning organization not just for children, but for families and staff as well?  What turns a particular early childhood education organization into a great place to work? The answer to each question is the same—leadership, leadership, leadership.

In a recent article published by Early Childhood Research and Practice, the McCormick Center’s Teri Talan, Paula Bloom, and Robyn Kelton explore a scantly researched area—effective models of leadership development for child care program administrators. Read their study to learn how Taking Charge of Change, a leadership development program preparing early childhood education administrators in Illinois for more than 20 years, resulted in personal growth and self-efficacy, a range of organizational improvements, and positive program outcomes such as accreditation, QRIS participation, and low rates of staff turnover.