July 28, 2021

Administrator Role Perception Survey (ARPS)

by McCormick Center

The Administrator Role Perception Survey (ARPS) is designed for administrators of center-based early childhood education centers. Administrators complete the 25-minute survey and are emailed an ARPS Profile within four weeks. The ARPS Profile is intended to serve as a springboard for personal growth and professional development.

The ARPS Profile is used to provide administrators with information about themselves as leaders and how leadership is exercised in their centers. The ARPS Profile focuses attention on how closely their current positions resemble their ideal. Finally, the ARPS Profile identifies administrators’ developmental career stages based not on years of experience but rather on their perceptions of mastery of key early childhood program leadership competencies.

The Administrator Profile incorporates the Whole Leadership Framework into the results, providing administrators with information on the amount of time they spend on administrative and pedagogical leadership functions as well as their strengths and areas for growth in each of the three, interdependent leadership areas.  The three areas of the Whole Leadership Framework—leadership essentials, pedagogical leadership, and administrative leadership—reflect everything the administrator, and oftentimes other staff members, do as early childhood program leaders.

An ARPS Aggregate Profile for a group of administrators participating in a quality improvement initiative is also available. The ARPS Aggregate Profile allows for a combined analysis of administrators’ survey results. This information is valuable for analyzing trends within the group, determining areas for professional growth and development, and informing policy and funding decisions. If you are interested in a ARPS Aggregate Profile or learning about consultation and training, contact Robyn Kelton at robyn.kelton@nl.edu or PAS.BAS@nl.edu for a group code. Please note, there is an individual survey fee for each administrator participating in the quality improvement initiative and an ARPS Aggregate Profile fee.


ARPS and ARPS Profile Cost: $30

ARPS Aggregate Profile Cost:

1-50 Administrators     $125

51-100 Administrators   $200

101+ Administrators     Contact robyn.kelton@nl.edu



Download Sample Individual Profile

Download Sample Aggregate Profile


Thank you for your willingness to complete the Administrator Role Perceptions Survey (ARPS). Data gathered from the ARPS may be used in future research on early childhood leadership. When you begin the survey you will be asked to complete a consent form that outlines the purpose of the study and a description of your involvement and rights as a participant. If you are interested in reading the Consent Form before registering, please click here.

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