February 9, 2022

PAS Assessor Recertification Process

by McCormick Center

PAS Assessor Certification is valid for two years and may be renewed through a recertification process. Recertification is also valid for a two year period and can be renewed once. The recertification process is described below. If you have any questions please contact pas.bas@nl.edu.

2 years after certification | cost: $200

Complete the PAS Recertification Module with a passing score. Within one month prior to their certification expiration date, assessors must email PAS.BAS@nl.edu to request access to the recertification module (if it has not already been emailed to you), complete the module, and pass the recertification test with a reliability score of 85% or higher. Assessors can expect to receive information about their recertification status within two weeks. If an assessor does not receive a score of 85% or higher they may retake the test once within one week of their status notification. If they do not pass the second attempt, assessors have the option of completing a PAS assessment and submitting for review (a McCormick Center Professional Learning team member will contact them with more details if this occurs).

4 years after certification | cost: $200

Submit a completed PAS assessment for satisfactory review. Within four months prior to the assessor’s recertification expiration date, the assessor must conduct one assessment using the second edition of the PAS and send the original PAS book of the completed assessment along with the other required forms to the McCormick Center. The assessment will be reviewed by PAS National Anchors and the assessor will receive feedback on the assessment and their recertification status within eight weeks. Register here for this option.

6 years after certification

Return for Reliability Training.  In order to maintain certification status past six years, assessors must attend PAS Reliability Training and meet the requirements of certification.