August 25, 2014

The Relationship between Administrator Qualifications and Family Engagement

by McCormick Center

As researchers and policymakers learn more about the factors that influence teaching and learning in early childhood settings, the importance of family engagement is emerging as an essential element. National, state, and local family involvement projects are engaging thousands of practitioners, parents, and leaders in family involvement networks, professional development initiatives, training and technical assistance systems, and workgroups to devote more resources toward family engagement.1

There is evidence that director qualifications are related to instructional leadership practices and learning environments in early childhood programs,2  but an understanding about the influence of program administrators on practices to garner family engagement is limited. In a meta-analysis of studies, Mendoza and her colleagues found that program-parent relationships were strengthened through improving relational trust, social respect, personal regard, and reciprocally valued perceptions of one another’s competence and integrity.3Encouraging staff to deepen and change their perspective about family-centered practices can lead to subtle shifts in staff–family connections.4

The purpose of the current study was to explore how directors’ qualifications are related to factors that contribute to family engagement practices in early childhood programs. … Download this resource to read the rest of the research.

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