Exchange to Publish Whole Leadership Framework

After 18 months of development we are pleased to announce that the Whole Leadership Framework will be presented in the January/February issue of Exchange. With input from practitioners and key thought leaders in early childhood education, the Framework will clarify some of the most complex ideas in the field. It is built on three domains: administrative leadership, pedagogical leadership, and leadership essentials, with a central principle emphasizing the interdependence among the three domains. A balance of leadership is necessary for program success. Accompanying the framework are three toolboxes that have been designed to identify competencies and characteristics leaders need to be effective the three domains.

Following the publication of the Exchange article, the Whole Leadership Framework will be discussed at the Leadership Connections™ national conference, in May. The Framework will be introduced in a plenary session and reviewed in detail during a featured skill-building session to thoroughly explain the conceptual framework and to help participants explore real-life application and implications for how the framework can be used. Already at the McCormick Center, we have begun to align our training, resources, and strategic plans to the Framework.

The Whole Leadership Committee at the McCormick Center (Mike Abel, Giovanni Arroyo, Marleen Barrett, Melissa Casteel, Sonja Crum-Knight, Lindsey Engelhardt, Safiyah Jackson,Tarah Kadzielawski, and Marie Masterson) played a vital role in developing this important work. We hope you find the Whole Leadership Framework and accompanying toolboxes useful. We invite continued dialogue throughout the release and thereafter.

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