January 8, 2019

A Renewed Focus in the New Year

by McCormick Center staff

Happy New Year!

With renewed national focus on preparing children for Kindergarten in birth to age five early childhood programs, it is a perfect time to renew your commitment to promoting the essential ingredients of teaching quality. Teachers look to you to ensure the use of high-quality teaching strategies and promote the use of reliable assessments to obtain baseline data about classroom practices. They depend on your leadership to facilitate the support, professional learning, and tools needed to participate in continuous quality improvement. Families count on you to ensure children are experiencing the best possible quality to prepare them with skills for school and life. As a program leader, you are an essential driver of quality improvement.  

The beginning of a new year offers fresh opportunities to learn about and participate in your state QRIS system and take on a revitalized role as prime-mover of positive change. If you are already participating, reach out to a state leader to express your thanks and commitment. If you are not yet participating, reach out for information and support.

It is a good time to explore state profiles to learn about the children and families in your state. You can lead the change by becoming informed about the impacts of high-quality on child outcomes. You can be an influencer of that change by learning about your state preschool initiatives and reaching out to other program leaders to share resources and ideas. You can be informed about what the early childhood leadership workforce looks like in each state—and be a voice for improving it.

Your commitment to leading quality improvement is also aligned with the Whole Leadership Framework, which provides a fully integrated anchor for your work. Here at McCormick Center, we are here to support your work, encourage your growth, and provide resources to empower your leadership. We hope you will embrace the new year with renewed commitment to lead quality improvement. We invite you contact us to support your quality improvement and leadership needs.

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