Our team is passionate about improving the whole leadership skills of the early childhood workforce.

Our collective experience in early childhood leadership spans decades and continues to grow, as our reach and team expand.

Leadership Team

Director of Research and Evaluation
(847) 947-5312
Director of Professional Learning
(847) 947-5059
Director of Instructional Design & Technology
(847) 947-5315
Director of Quality Assessment (City of Chicago)
(847) 947-5483
Executive Director
(847) 947-5233
Director of Quality Assessment (IDHS & ISBE)
(847) 947-5109
Senior Policy Advisor
(847) 947-5060

Advisory Board

Kay Albrecht
President, Innovations in Early Childhood Education
Houston, TX
Leonette Coates
Chicago, IL
Tom Copeland
Minneapolis, MN
Jerry Cutts
Executive Director, First Children’s Finance
Minneapolis, MN
Eva Daniels
Family Child Care Consultant
Salt Lake City, UT
Geania Dickey
Consultant, Arkansas State University Childhood Services
Little Rock, AK
Chip Donohue
Dean of Distance Learning and Continuing Education, Erikson Institute
Chicago, IL
Stacie Goffin
Principal, Goffin Strategy Group, LLC
Washington, DC
Ed Greene
Senior Consultant, EM Greene Associates
Princeton, NJ
Kathy Hardy
Executive Director, Winnetka Community Nursery School
Winnetka, IL
Luis Hernandez
ECE Specialist, T/TAS, Western Kentucky University
Miami, FL
Kristie Kauerz
Director, National P-3 Center, College of Education, Univ. of Washington
Seattle, WA
Tom Layman
Chicago, IL
M.-A. Lucas
Consultant, L.E.A.D. Early Childhood Collaborative
Bethesda, MD
Karen Ponder
Consultant, Ponder Early Childhood Inc.
Raleigh, NC
Cindy Rojas-Rodriguez
Executive Director, Together4Children
Austin, TX
Kathleen Villano
Project Director, Early Childhood Development, Enrichment Center
Arlington Heights, IL
Margie Wallen
Director of Policy Partnerships, Ounce of Prevention Fund
Chicago, IL
Lana Weiner
Highwood, IL
Cass Wolfe
Senior Vice President, Early Learning Quality Advancement/Childcare Resources Inc.
Charlotte, NC

Executive Support & Marketing

Giovanni Arroyo
Media Specialist
(847) 947-5149
Marleen Barrett
Events Coordinator
(847) 947-5267
Lindsey Engelhardt
Marketing Manager
(847) 947-5222
Heather Knapp
Research Associate
Kelley May
Communication/Graphic Designer
(847) 947-5056
Kathy Rousseau
Administrative Assistant III
(847) 947-5063
Kathy Wildman
Business Manager
(847) 947-5148

Instructional Design & Technology

Julieta Alonso
Professional eLearning Associate
(847) 947-5266
Amna Hasan
Administrative Assistant III
(847) 947-5277
Jane Humphries
Professional eLearning Specialist
(847) 947-5468
Lorena Rodriguez
Professional eLearning Manager
(847) 947-5054

Professional Learning

Linda Butkovich
Report and Certification Manager
(847) 947-5072
Iris Corral
Quality Training Specialist
(847) 947-5683
Leslie Gilbert
Leadership Training Associate
(847) 947-5462
Catie Hein
Administrative Assistant IV
(847) 947-5195
Robyn Kelton
Quality Training Specialist
Barbara Volpe
Leadership Academy Manager
(847) 947-5132

Quality Assessment

Keri Anderson
Assessor & Training Specialist
(847) 947-5647
Wendy Connell
Report and Certification Specialist
(847) 947-5133
Pamela Costakis
Quality Assessment Manager
(847) 947-5212
Celeste DeGuzman
Assessor & Training Specialist
(847) 947-5343
Michele Denton
Assessor & Training Specialist
(847) 947-5778
Flora Gomez
Assessor & Training Specialist
(847) 947-5847
Wendy Guerrero-Rivera
Assessor & Training Specialist
(847) 947-5748
Emma Hardy
Assessor & Training Specialist
(847) 947-5329
Sarah Hasan
Administrative Assistant IV
(847) 947-5221
Angela Hendricks
Assessor & Training Specialist
(847) 947-5776
Jo Ann Hermanek
Assessor & Training Specialist
(847) 947-5183
Kia Hill
Assessor & Training Specialist
(847) 947-5321
Susan Kearney
Assessor & Training Specialist
(847) 947-5301
Sharon Lewis
Assessor & Training Specialist
(847) 947-5264
Cara Murdoch
Assessor & Training Specialist
(847) 947-5648
Nasser Nabhan
Assessor & Training Specialist
(847) 947-5814
Catherine Rader
Quality Assessment Coordinator
(847) 947-5764
Sherry Rocha
Assessor & Training Specialist
Daria Rymarzak
Report Specialist
(847) 947-5057
Katherine Schmidt
Assessor & Training Specialist
(847) 947-5199
Phillis Shaw
Assessor & Training Specialist
(847) 947-5708
Paula Steffen
Assessor & Training Specialist
(847) 947-5136
Migdalia Young
Quality Assessment Coordinator
(847) 947-5031


Join us, and use your skills to build a better future for children, one leader at a time.

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