From the Inside Out: The Power of Reflection and Self-Awareness

This event is not open to the public

This event is closed to the public. If you are interested in offering this training to coaches in your area, please contact the McCormick Center.

The frenetic pace that characterizes the professional lives of most early childhood directors leaves little time for reflection. Yet it is through reflection that educators often gain insight into the issues and problems that confront them. This session provides a passport for self-discovery. Through thought-provoking questions and engaging exercises you will have an opportunity to reflect on where you are in your journey through adulthood, determine the gap between your current and ideal work environment, and become a self-mentor for envisioning new possibilities for the years ahead.

Presented byDr. Jill Bella, Director of Professional Learning


August 12, 2021


9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., CT


Online – Webinar or Teleconference