Leading for Engagement in Urban Cultures: A Cross-Sector Approach


This event is hosted by the ILAEYC Chicago Chapter

Family engagement is the missing component in effective teaching and learning. Often overlooked in program improvement initiatives, involving families in children’s learning can have the greatest influence on their development. As the child’s first teacher, families remain a lifelong resource and natural support for their children’s growth and ability to thrive.

Many of the challenges for early childhood education in urban settings can be better addressed by working with families. Adapting the curriculum for cultural differences can be accomplished in the family context. Motivation for learning can be increased in the safety and familiarity of the child’s home environment. Understanding the child’s unique needs can be individually addressed by working with families. Urban neighborhoods offer distinct advantages for involving families in children’s learning activities and extending conceptual development beyond the classroom. Families can also connect early childhood programs and providers within neighborhoods.

This interactive session will explore how early childhood educators and leaders can improve family engagement in their programs and communities. Dr. Abel will discuss evidence-based models to foster family engagement in early childhood programs and create and organizational culture that welcomes family participation in learning activities. Examples of cross-sector strategies for collaboration in communities will be presented. Participants will consider implementing policies and practices that honor differing family structures, involving parents in the decisions related to their children, and consistently soliciting feedback from family members about the quality of their experiences.


Presented by: Michael Abel, Ph.D., Director of Research and Evaluation


October 6, 2018 
1:00pm – 3:00pm


NLU – Chicago Campus, 122 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago IL 60603, 2nd Floor Atrium


$45 non-members, $25 AEYC members


Contact Michael Abel at michael.abel@nl.edu