Program Administration Scale (PAS) Reliability Training



**Please note the March 2022 PAS Reliability Training will be on the content of the 2nd edition of the PAS. A 3rd edition of the PAS is expected to be published in the Fall of 2022. PAS Reliability Training on the 3rd edition of the tool will take place this Fall or Winter, depending on the publication date. The McCormick Center will announce the training dates as soon as they are available.


The PAS Assessor Reliability Training provides an in-depth analysis of the items and quality indicators in the Program Administration Scale. This training is designed for individuals who want to ensure that the PAS assessments are valid, reliable, and administered consistently across programs. The training concludes with a reliability test, and participants who are 85% or more reliable with the national anchors are eligible to apply for PAS Certification for an additional fee.

Presented by: Robyn Kelton, Quality Supports Manager | Paula Steffan, Assessor and Training Specialist


March 07, 2022 – March 11, 2022


9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


National Louis University
1000 Capitol Drive
Wheeling, IL  60090