Session 1: Strategies and Tools for Supporting Program Leaders, Part 1


Knowing where to begin and what steps to follow when helping administrators improve their leadership and management practices can be challenging. This session will provide an introduction to technical assistance roles, explain the importance of focusing TA on the administrator, provide an overview of the whole leadership framework, identify the components of transformational TA, and explore the six steps in the coaching process. In addition, participants will learn about the developmental stages of administrators and specific strategies and tools that will help them in their work.

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Presented byMarleen Barrett, Events Coordinator, Jill Bella, Director of Professional Learning, Linda Butkovich, Report/Certification Manager, Iris Corral, Leadership Training Specialist, Paula Steffen, Assessor & Training Specialist, and Barbara Volpe, Leadership Academy Manager


May 26, 2021


10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., CT


Online – Webinar or Teleconference


$250 (Note: cost for entire Transformative TA Institute)