Program Evaluation

Administrative practices, as measured by the evaluation tools below, strongly influence the quality of care children receive in their early childhood classrooms.

Program evaluation offers a systematic way to collect, analyze, and use data to answer questions about the effectiveness of practices and programs. By taking advantage of the McCormick Center’s tools and trainings, program leaders can determine:

  • Are we aligned with standards of administrative best practice?
  • Are we achieving our intended goals?
  • Are we using data effectively to improve our early childhood programs?


Program Administration Scale (PAS) for Center-Based Programs

Learn how to assess and improve early childhood leadership and management practices or become certified to assess other programs.
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Business Administration Scale (BAS) for Family Child Care

Learn how to assess and improve the business and professional practices of your family child care or become certified to assess other programs. The BAS is also available in Spanish.
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ECWES and ECJSS together

Assessing Work Attitudes

Assess your organization’s work environment and the attitudes of staff to help understand and overcome challenges in your early childhood program.
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The Early Childhood Work Environment Survey
The Early Childhood Job Satisfaction Survey