Assessing Work Attitudes

The McCormick Center offers training on easy-to-use self-assessment tools for  your organization’s work environment and staff perceptions. Use the tools below to understand and overcome challenges in your early childhood program.

Early Childhood Work Environment Survey

The Early Childhood Work Environment Survey (ECWES) can help you assess the organizational climate of your early childhood program. Gain insights into staff perceptions and discover which components of the work environment you might address to help motivate and retain staff.

Where can I learn more and/or order the ECWES?
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Early Childhood Job Satisfaction Survey

The Early Childhood Job Satisfaction Survey (ECJSS) is a career guidance tool that early childhood directors can use with staff.  Use the resulting profile to help staff reflect on those aspects of their work that make them feel most fulfilled.

Where can I learn more and/or order the ECJSS?
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